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Proper Paver Installation

sancturary-gardens-patios-15The following steps will help you to know what to look for in a proper paver installation.



  1. Excavate the soil to the proper depth
  2. Run the proper tamper over the soil to compact and check for bad soil and pumping
  3. Install separation fabric over the soil ( this helps to bridge over bad soils).
  4. Start installing the proper base @ the proper depth and compact with the proper tamper, every 2" lift of base. The base should be a minimum of 6+ inches thick for sidewalks and patios, and 9-12" for driveways and heavy traffic. It's critical that the base be sloped properly to allow for proper drainage. Note: BASE INSTALLATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ANY INSTALLATION.
  5. Next is the installation of proper type of bedding sand. The sand should be no thicker then 1".
  6. Start laying the pavers, making sure to keep checking your lines for straightness and keep the pavers laid tight to each other.
  7. Cut in where necessary.
  8. Install edge restraint using 10" spikes. The spike and edge restraint should be installed on top of the compacted base.
  9. Tamp pavers with a rubber padded tamper.
  10. Sweep the joints of the pavers with sand or polymeric sand.
  11. Re tamp and Re sweep.
  12. Lightly mist surface several time to activate the polymeric sand and to help ensure that all the joints are filled sufficiently.

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