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Plant Installation

sancturary-gardens-sidewalks-59566There are a lot of things that can affect the health of plants. Making sure they are healthy when purchased, proper installation, proper location and proper maintains can affect the long term health of the plants.


  1. Make sure that your plants are healthy when they arrive
  2. Make sure that the plants are not dropped or damaged when handled.
  3. Make sure that your plants are located properly for the type of plant. ( full sun, full shade, wet areas, dry areas)
  4. The holes should be dug up to 2x wider than the root ball, and no deeper then the height of the root ball. Ideally you should elevate the root ball about 1" higher than the ground.
  5. Install root ball into the holes, but make sure that the roots are not growing in a circular pattern. If they are then you should cut the roots in several locations. If the plant is in a wire cage with burlap, you should not remove the wire cage,( you may break the root ball and shock the plant), but you still need to cut the burlap away from the trunk of the tree.
  6. Back fill and improve the soil as necessary, add no more then 1/3 improved soil.
  7. With the soil you should put a slight berm around the plant to help retain water.
  8. Cover soil with mulch.
  9. If you are planting a tree, you should consider staking the tree, especially in a windy location.

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